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                     N       E     T    W         O        R      K      I  N       G            F    O        R         G        O         O        D

                              Win with People

                     A strong professional network can have an incredibly significant impact on career

                     or organizational success. Networking can help people develop and improve skill
                     sets while staying on top of the latest trends in their industry.  Where relation-

                     ships are present, the next step is to understand how they function, how far they

                     extend, and what opportunities they bring. With this knowledge, it is possible to

                     expand reach by building connections for current and future potential interests.
                     In this session, we will cover the following:

                     - Being proactive to form new professional connections

                     - Keeping track of existent networks

                     - Maximizing virtual Networking

                                                      Glory Edozien (PhD)
                                                      Inspired by Glory Academy

                                                                                              Reimagining the Future of Development                                       11
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