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                     Innovative Approach to Socio-Economic Development

                    Africa’s experimentation with Struc-                                    strategies which support innovation

                    tural Adjustment Programs and other                                     have to be adapted to the specific

                    development initiatives has failed to                                   conditions of emerging and develop-

                    effectively address economic prob-                                      ing countries in Africa. There is a need
                    lems. This discussion will explore a va-                                for strategic transformative reforms

                    riety of potential contributions of in-                                 in governance structures, intra-Africa

                    novation to economic development.                                       cooperation, and development path-

                    Innovation helps to drive economic                                      ways that enhance transitions towards
                    growth and address socio-economic                                       wealth creation. The discussion will

                    challenges such as poverty. This dis-                                   present a cross-sectoral approach to

                    course will investigate how different                                   achieving development as a conti-

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       12               Reimagining the Future of Development
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