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                    The Future of Work in Africa- Preparing Emerging Leaders

                    The structural transformation and                                       continent offering human and natural

                    progress in terms of sustainable de-                                    resources that have the potential to

                    velopment have been limited in Africa.                                  yield inclusive growth and wipe out

                    The growth process has neither been                                     poverty in the region, enabling Afri-
                    inclusive nor equitable. It has also not                                cans across the continent to live

                    been transformational enough to re-                                     healthier and more prosperous lives.

                    spond to challenges ushered by exter-                                   With the world’s largest free trade

                    nal and internal economic shocks,                                       area and a 1.2 billion-person market,

                    high unemployment rates, rapid ur-                                      the continent is creating an entirely
                    banization, and changing demograph-                                     new development path, harnessing

                    ic patterns largely characterized by a                                  the potential of its resources and

                    youth bulge. Africa is home to more                                     people. It is the responsibility of all
                    than 1 billion people, and almost 60%                                   sectors to collaborate on strategies

                    of the population in 2019 is under the                                  that can surmount the challenge of

                    age of 25, making Africa the world’s                                    poverty, inequality, and unemploy-

                    youngest continent. Africa is a diverse                                 ment.

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